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  • APA Annual Membership

    Every year
    Also be sure to purchase the $10 Pickleball Canada and $5 Pickleball BC memberships. Link below.
    • Support local pickleball spaces
    • Discount codes on gear
    • Access to workshops and training

Become A Member Today

Membership Benefits

Annual Membership Fees:
$40 for each calendar year  (October 1 to December 31 of the following year)
Play Session Booking and Fees
Session fees are outlined in the session description.
NOTE: YOU MUST ALSO HAVE A CURRENT MEMBERSHIP IN PICKLEBALL CANADA (PCO) & PICKLEBALL BC (PBC). THIS IS MANDATORY FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES.  And we require that you name Abbotsford Pickleball Association as one of your clubs on Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS), this is the only way we can confirm your membership and insurance are active.
Membership includes:
-       Access to twelve indoor courts
-       Scheduled competitive, league and recreational play
-       Advance opportunity to register for local tournaments
-       Reduced entry fees for local APA sponsored tournaments
-       APA swag and equipment discounts
-       Voting privileges at APA annual general meeting (AGM)
-       Opportunity to serve in positions on APA Board
-       Member discounts from corporate sponsors
-       Member login for APA calendar of events, training materials
Abbotsford Pickleball Association is a BC registered society. All funds go toward providing facilities and equipment for recreational and tournament play.


PLEASE NOTE: In addition to joining Abbotsford Pickleball Association, you must also be a member of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball B.C.  before you will be allowed to book courts and play pickleball in the Ag-Rec Center, (starting October 1, 2023).  Both organizations play a key role in helping to develop and promote pickleball, but more importantly, they provide commercial general liability for all players. 

If you are not yet a member, you can join both Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC here:


Proof of active membership with Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC is mandatory in order to play on the Ag-Rec courts.  Please name APA as one of your clubs when you join.

Member Discounts

Our relationships with industry partners helps us support our community, the list of links below will provide you with a discount on your purchase and a portion of the sale goes back to the APA.

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