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Abbotsford Pickleball Association

Over the past year, Abbotsford Pickleball Association, (APA), has worked with the City of Abbotsford to provide additional indoor pickleball courts to accommodate our growing pickleball population.  As of October 1, 2023, APA will be renting the main floor of the AgRec Building, at Exhibition Park, in Abbotsford and the City is providing 12 courts for us to use.  Since our arrangements with the City didn’t finalize until midway through 2023, there is currently more court time available during the day, (Monday through Sunday), than in the evenings. However, we anticipate being able to increase our nighttime pickleball options in 2024 and in the 2024/2025 season.

APA membership fees are $40.00 ($42 October 1, 2024) and will expire December 31 of the following year.  Renewal will automatically occur each year, unless players choose to cancel their membership.  Membership fees help APA cover legal and administrative costs in setting up and running the association as well as organizing recreational and competitive play.  Additionally, all players will pay a session fee (as outlined in the session description) in order to cover AgRec rental fees.  Court times and payments will be booked and paid for on

Our goal is to provide opportunities for recreational, competitive and league play as well as court time for personal practice or private play.  More information will be forthcoming on this in the future.  We strive to keep our fees as low as possible to facilitate affordable and accessible pickleball in Abbotsford.  Fees will be reassessed each year and adjustments made if necessary.

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Ag-Rec Centre Session Types

Open Recreational Play

 Appropriate for beginner to advanced players. Open courts with “Rec Centre/Jubilee” style play.


After each game (to 11) players must integrate any waiting players onto their court.    The exception to this is if you previously arranged with the host to have five players on your court (see below).


Hosts will define how players are initially assigned to courts and how players enter and come off courts once a game is complete.  (for example the gym may be divided into skill levels with waiting players integrating into their skill level).  


This is where your DUPR rating really comes into play.


The intention is to have all players integrated into play (at their appropriate level) and play with different players during the session.  


* Players who are wishing to play exclusively together can ask the Host to allow placement on a court.  This is up to the host’s discretion. In this case it is preferable to have 5 players play together on that court (or if you are 4, invite another player to join your group).  This ensures that there will be equal access to court time for all players.

Fabulous Friday with Gene

Appropriate for beginner to intermediate players.  Your host will ensure that you switch partners for every game to keep the social fun rolling.  One of the most popular sessions that will help you to integrate into our pickleball community.

SUPER SOCIAL (Rec Play) with Grant

Having (up to 6) extra players makes for great match ups and varying games.  Both the Host and the players will be involved in mixing up players for fun games.

Ladies' Night with Gene

Social play appropriate for beginner to intermediate players.  Host will change format from session to session, but you will be guaranteed to have a fun time.  You will have to book early as this is one of our most popular sessions.

Competitive Play - DUPR League

Appropriate for novice (players with some playing experience) to advanced players.

Players will be assigned courts with other players based on similar DUPR ratings or by estimated skill level if the player is non-rated.  Doubles groups will be 4 or 5 players.  Singles groups will be 2-3 players per court.  Full court singles will be played

Round Robin play.  Score sheets will be provided to designate who plays who.  Scores will be recorded and entered in APA’s Club DUPR app.   

MUST BE IN THE DUPR CLUB – Log in to or the DUPR app.  On the bottom bar click "Play", “Clubs”, search “Abbotsford Pickleball DUPR Club”, click “Join Club”.

Competitive Play - NON-DUPR League - Three Levels:  3.0 to 3.5 & 3.5 to 4.0 & 4.0+

Skill level specific sessions.  Host will assign players to courts by skill level (DUPR, PB Brackets, Self Rating…)  Hosts will define the method of play such as Round Robin or Timed Mixer etc.  No scores are recorded.

MUST BE IN THE DUPR CLUB – Log in to or the DUPR app.  On the bottom bar click "Play", “Clubs”, search “Abbotsford Pickleball DUPR Club”, click “Join Club”.

Silver and Gold

Appropriate for novice (players with some playing experience) to advanced players.

Players are placed on court by the host (placement methods vary).  Games are timed.  After each game Winners move up a court and split, Losers move down a court and split to play their next game.


Randy will cover footwork, court positioning, stroke selection, strategy, and how to beat the bangers.

These sessions are designed to help the beginner player integrate into Open Rec play as well as help more intermediate players improve specific areas of their game.

Skills, Drills & Coaching - INTERMEDIATE

Serving, returns, 3rd shot drops and drives, dinking and strategy.  Focus on isolating skills and improving specific shots and strategies.  David will help you build on your skills week by week.

Note:  because Skills, Drills & Coaching are such popular sessions, players are required to reschedule by 8 pm the night before.

Ladder Leagues- Women's and Men's

Appropriate for higher level players.

A separate men's and women's league will run weekly over  an  8 week period.  Scores will be accumulated over this time, and placement on the court each week will be by accumulated score.  Hosts will define how the ladder points are accumulated.  A cup will be awarded to the highest men’s score as well as the highest woman’s score over the 8 weeks.

There will be prizes for the second and third highest scores, as well as for the highest average score (you must have attended at least 5 sessions to be entered into the highest average score competition).


Appropriate for Beginner to Advanced players

A sheet will be provided to designate who plays with who – courts assigned by ratings (DUPR, PB Brackets, Self Rating…), Round Robin, 8-10 players on two courts.  No scores are recorded.

Abbotsford pickleball players competing at the local DUPR League matches, Bradner Courts

Where to Play

Find indoor and outdoor courts and when pickleball is available. Use the interactive map to find courts near you and check out the indoor schedule to find a time to play!

Join the Community 

Join our thriving community on new and seasoned pickleball players, we have skill appropriate recreation sessions, opportunities to improve your game and most importantly we always have fun.

Abbotsford pickleball players congratulating eachother after a match at the local DUPR League matches, Bradner Courts

Community Discounts

Our relationships with industry partners helps us support our community, the list of links below will provide you with a discount on your purchase and a portion of the sale goes back to the APA.

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